DART Instructors

DART is blessed to have a GREAT team of instructors! Longtime assistants Josh Jewell (@joshsjewell) and Tobin Vigil (@spokesniffer) have been with Bill since the school began. They provide calm, encouraging instruction, ensuring students have a positive experience. Zeke Sikich (@livingthezekelife) often joins Josh and Tobin to help coach, and David Knight, Todd Hamm, Benson Cessna, and Mark Driscoll round out DART’s super group, coaching or “scouting” (all-around assistant, cheerleader, and motorcycle picker-upper) depending on need, availability and location.

Josh is owner of University Barber Shop in Norman, Oklahoma. He has written or been featured in a couple of recent magazine articles. Click on the following links to read!

Fit for Overlanding – OutdoorX4 Issue 19

ADVMoto Mar 2017 – Balancing Life on Two Wheels – Bill Dragoo

Tobin has two businesses in Norman, Oklahoma — Buchanan Bikes and Gray Owl Coffee. Check out Buchanan Bikes here: Buchanan Bikes

Josh, Zeke, Tobin and David
Tobin Vigil and Josh Jewell
Tobin conquers the sand on the Canadian River
Josh LOVES sand!
Zeke cheers on student Don Voss.
Tobin Vigil and Todd Hamm


Zeke and Tobin are ready to help student Kimiko Krekel in the sand.


_DSF9778 (1)
David, Josh, Tobin, and Bill


Zeke Sikich
Todd Hamm
Mark Driscoll
David Knight