Immersion Tours and Remote Training

We partner with reputable tour companies to provide training and coaching before and during tours.

Ride Vermont in the Fall!

Join us in Vermont this September for intermediate/advanced training tours September 8-10 and September 10-12, 2023.

MotoVermont is excited to welcome back Bill Dragoo for the 2023 Intermediate/Advanced Vermont Training Tour.

​This 2-day Training and Training Tour will take place at the all new Burke Mountain Resort in Burke, Vermont.  Join us for 2 nights and 2 days of learning new riding techniques and putting them to use on an adventurous tour through northeastern Vermont!

​Spend one day perfecting the art of off-road motorcycling on a closed course; balance, body positioning, braking, accelerating and navigating over obstacles will be taught and practiced in the form of entertaining and helpful drills.

The following day, we will continue training in the morning and then depart Burke Mountain for a unique dual-sport route through central Vermont.  The ride will contain some challenging roads and trails that will allow attendees to practice skills learned on real-world obstacles with the help of Bill Dragoo and the MotoVermont team to teach, guide and lend a helping hand when needed. 

​Many of the ancient roads on our route pass around or even through operating farms.  One of the family farms along our route will provide a home cooked lunch of local delicacies.  September is harvest season in Vermont so don’t be surprised if there is another impromptu stop to pick up some fresh local raspberries or a pint of maple syrup.

​After a long day of riding, we return to Burke Mountain Resort. Enjoy a soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi or relax by the fire with a refreshing beverage. The group will reconvene for dinner, recount the day’s events and discuss the next day’s riding itinerary.

Retire to your private Deluxe Studio room and get some rest for another great day of riding.

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Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route with West38Moto, July 18-22, 2023 and August 21-25

July 18-22 is SOLD OUT! Contact us to be placed on the waiting list. Two spots remain for the August 21-25 event.

Join Dusty & Bill in the Wild West!

What’s better than mountains, motorcycles, and rugged off-road terrain? How about mixing those on an immersive off-pavement tour/training experience with industry-renowned adventure riding instructor/guide and host of MOTOTREK, Dusty Wessels, and BMW-Certified Off-Road Instructor and 2010 GS Trophy U.S. team member, Bill Dragoo. West38Moto and D.A.R.T. (Dragoo Adventure Rider Training) have teamed up to bring you a professional off-road training immersion tour of five days riding the rugged Wyoming BDR. This immersion tour is intended for beginner to intermediate level riders.  The group will meet at the Boyer YL Ranch in Wyoming for the start of the tour. You will spend five days riding the best of the Wyoming BDR!

Wyoming is home to lots of mountains and, as the least populous state, not so many people. While it’s true you may not run into many folks while riding through the Cowboy State, the history is extensive. As you ride trails through several mountain ranges, the high desert, and deep gorges, take some time to appreciate the indigenous people whose land you’re now enjoying; imagine the Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy on the same route you’re taking and acknowledge the past and present contributions of Wyoming’s resources to American life. What an opportunity to pair an exhilarating ride with such rich history!

Join us on this 5 day, 6 night Best of the BDR tour of Wyoming! We will be following most of the Wyoming BDR route and add in fun detours and bonus scenic spots. Our riding will take us through some of the most scenic destinations. We will be camping, which will allow us to experience the Best of the Wyoming BDR!

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Training Tours in the Black Hills of South Dakota with Hisega Adventure Lodge, July-August, 2023

Once again, DART will be headed to Hisega Adventure Lodge in the Black Hills of South Dakota for two training tours in July-August of 2023!

July 24-28, 2023: Beyond Basics

Our goal is to provide a fully immersive, off-road motorcycle training/tour experience for riders who are ready to take big bikes off the beaten path. Participants will gain skills to leave the pavement and take the road less traveled with confidence.

Getting your big beast into the great unknown can be a daunting task, but with professional guidance, you’ll gain the necessary tools for success. The D.A.R.T. immersion tour and off-road motorcycle training is designed for riders with riding experience but not a lot of years of off-pavement riding on an Adventure-style “big” bike.

Beyond the Basics training will focus on balance and control; rather than using muscle and speed to get safely through the rough. Our building-block exercises will help you become comfortable with body position, slow-speed maneuvering, line selection, climbing, descending, braking and more, in an off-road environment. First, we will work on off-road motorcycle drills and skill development in a controlled environment. Then, your experience will extend to actual obstacles on real trails.

Each off-road motorcycle training/tour session is a 4-night/3-day all-inclusive program. In addition to gourmet meals at the historic Hisega Lodge, your days will be filled with riding, training and camaraderie. You, along with like-minded riders, will be lucky enough to explore the best-kept secrets of the Black Hills.

A chase vehicle will join us at stops, providing trailside snacks, lunch and additional support as needed.

Exact routing and training elements are subject to change with conditions.

This ride is for you if:

  • You have not taken formal adventure motorcycle training but have dabbled off road
  • You ride mostly gravel or pavement
  • You’re looking to build a technically sound off road skills base
  • You’re looking to complete your first BDR, BDR-X, multi-day off pavement tour or adventure a little further off the gravel.

Terrain to Expect:

  • Gravel and dirt roads
  • Intermittent rocky up and down hills
  • Steep climbs and descents
  • Small stream crossings (depending on conditions)
  • Switchbacks
  • Small rocky ledges

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July 29-August 2, 2023: Advanced

Our goal for the advanced session is to provide a fully immersive training and tour experience for those who are ready for the next challenge. Riders will gain the confidence and skill to go even farther down the road less traveled!

Our big bike-oriented Next Level Adventure Bike training will help you go deeper into the back country and to ride more confidently with almost any group. This session is designed for riders with off-pavement experience or who have completed a D.A.R.T. Levels 1 and 2 class (beginner to intermediate) or equivalent, and can confidently perform those skills in a wild environment.

In your advanced training and tour, we will focus on increasing your speed through advanced braking, cornering and line selection, overcoming technical obstacles and some single-track. Adventure motorcycles are more capable than many riders realize. This tour will help you achieve a greater appreciation for what your machine can do and equip you with the skills to make it all happen at a faster pace.

This tour is for you if:

  • You can confidently make small-radius turns on your motorcycle while standing
  • You can ride short rock gardens with “baby head” -sized rocks
  • You can self-recover your motorcycle off a steep climb
  • You have taken an Adventure Motorcycle basics course and can confidently perform those skills learned

Terrain to Expect:

  • Faster-paced gravel and dirt trail riding
  • Steep, sustained rocky climbs and descents
  • 8-12″ Ledges
  • Short Creek crossings (depending on year)

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Join DART at Grit Moto Adventures, Park City, Utah

Train with Bill Dragoo and Ben Dragoo at Grit Moto Adventures’ facility in Park City, Utah, this summer! We are offering two, two-day adventure rider training sessions: July 13-14 and July 15-16, 2023. For more information and to book your training, see: