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DART Mission Statement: DART aims to provide quality off-road training at a fair price to all who wish to learn.

_DSF9712Contact Bill Dragoo at or phone/text at (405) 830-6630 for more information.

Release and Waiver of Liability: DART Release and Waiver of Liability 0717

Student information:

Oklahoma Motorsports Complex

Red River Motorcycle Trails



See Assistant Instructor Josh Jewell’s article on Fitness for Overlanding, which applies to two-wheeled travel as well, from OutdoorX4 magazine
Fit for Overlanding – OutdoorX4 Issue 19


ADV Rider Resource List
It takes a village. Vendors, designers and innovators who create and supply the bits we enjoy deserve and need our support. Below are some proven providers who have earned the right to be recognized. I hope you will consider these businesses, these men and women and their products when you make your purchases. Ask me any time for details on why I recommend them. Click here for list: adv-rider-resource-list



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    1. We have a couple of things in the works. Trying to nail down dates in Vermont, soon to be announced. Also, not an immersion tour but we likely will do moto training at Overland Expo East in North Carolina in November.


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