D.A.R.T. C.A.M.P. with Rugged Peak Ministries

D.A.R.T. and Rugged Peak Ministries’ Christian Adventure Motorcycle Project (“C.A.M.P.”) combines a spiritual retreat with adventure riding in scenic locales around the country. At C.A.M.P., a small group of adventure riders come together for Christian growth within the context of riding and skill building.

D.A.R.T. C.A.M.P. events are scheduled for April 2-6, 2023 near Junction, Texas (FULL), June 20-24, 2023 near South Fork, Colorado (FULL) and August 29-September 2, 2023 near South Fork, Colorado.

April 2-6, 2023 Great House Retreat Center at Blaylock Ranch, Junction, Texas – FULL

The Great House Retreat Center at Blaylock Ranch is located about 10 miles south of Junction, Texas, a little over an hour northwest of Kerrville.  The Great House Lodge sits beside the South Llano River. Sixteen private rooms provide comfortable accommodations for D.A.R.T. C.A.M.P. guests, and meals will be provided. (Please note that if you have special dietary needs (vegan/gluten-free/et cetera) you MAY need to provide your own food. Consult with us about this.) Arrival is the afternoon of April 2. We will have three days of riding, training and fellowship April 3, 4, and 5, and departure is the morning of April 6.

Riding is typical of Texas Hill Country fame with miles of ranch roads and the occasional low water river crossing. Expect fast dirt and gravel, some two-track and twisty, asphalt.  Sand, mud and ruts may become challenging depending upon actual conditions at the time. More details on the itinerary coming soon!

This venue is well suited for most riders with a minimum skill level of Novice transitioning to Basic, with an expectation of expanding their skills while exploring all that Hill Country has to offer.

Following each day’s ride, we will meet up for dinner and an evening spiritual development session based upon the four cornerstones of adventure riding, Balance, Control, Judgment and Attitude.

June 20-24, 2023 (FULL) and August 29-September 2, 2023, Our Father’s House, South Fork, Colorado

Base camp for the June event is set in the Rio Grande National Forest amid a web of trails from improved roads, to two-track, to rocky, steep, narrow inclines. Over four days, we’ll consider the cornerstones of Balance, Control, Judgment and Attitude as they apply to both adventure riding and to life. Arrival is the afternoon of June 20, 2023. We will have three days of riding, training and fellowship June 21, 22 and 23, and departure is the morning of June 24.

Our South Fork venue is based approximately five miles northeast of South Fork at Our Father’s House, a beautiful mountainside, three-level cabin snuggled in the San Luis Valley and surrounded by the San Juan mountains. Our Father’s House is meant for the express purpose of Christian fellowship and to create a comfortable platform from which each day’s riding can be launched. Breakfasts and dinners are served at the cabin. Lunches are typically prepared by each guest prior to each day’s departure and carried along for a trail side picnic. Sandwich materials and snacks are provided. Single and double bunk beds are dispersed throughout the cabin and private rooms are available for couples.

You are here to stretch your limits but your safety is our primary concern. We expect you to push yourself, to expand your horizons, improve your skills and to gather experiences to talk about during each evening’s fireside gathering. To ensure the safest environment possible, due to the rugged nature of most roads in the area, a minimum skill level is expected for participants. Each day’s ride may cover from 80 to 150 miles give or take. We need your honest self-assessment to help determine if this is an event in which you can safely participate. Please refer to the self-assessment evaluation mechanism on the registration page to determine your skill level. You should at least be able to tackle Class 3 terrain with reasonable proficiency and aspire to tackle some Class 4 terrain with guidance and instruction, which we will provide as challenges are encountered.

This is an excellent opportunity to improve your ability to cover fast gravel traverses, stream crossings and rocky trails. Pace is generally moderate. Weather and trail conditions vary so be prepared to push through the occasional tough section. This event is appropriate for riders at a skill level of Intermediate or above.

Following each day’s ride, we will meet up for dinner and an evening spiritual development session based upon the four cornerstones of adventure riding, Balance, Control, Judgment and Attitude

Apply/Request More Information

Recommended donation is $695, including lodging, training and all meals. Group size is limited. Use the form below to request more information and a registration form:

For additional information, contact Bill Dragoo at dragooadventuresllc@gmail.com or (405) 830-6630 or Vernon Bryant at vernon@ruggedpeak.org or (210) 218-4780.