Videos and Podcasts

Message at Paradigm Church, September 17, 2023:

Interview with Adventure Deficit Podcast, “Lead from the Front,” Adventure Rider Bill Dragoo:

“Rider Skills: Off-Road Tire Pressure Settings for Adventure Motorcycles,” Adventure Rider Radio Podcast:

“Solo Rider’s Guide to Motorcycle Rescue,” Adventure Rider Radio Podcast:

Rider Magazine Insider Podcast, Episode 37:

“Chasing the Horizons” MOA Podcast with Bill and Susan Dragoo

Matt McCourt’s “Life’s Journey at 50” Visits DART

“My Dragoo Adventure Rider Training” by student Tony Gaeddert

My Dragoo Adventure Rider Training

Overland Journal Podcast:

Episode 71. Interviewing Bill Dragoo, Global Adventure Rider, Trainer, and Storyteller

SignOut Podcast:

Bill Dragoo, Man of Adventure

Adventure Rider Radio Interview:

Riding Two-Up Off Road

Adventure Rider Radio Interview:

Rider Skills: Hill Climbing for Adventure Motorcycles

DART’s Spring in the Ozarks, a video produced by Jurgen Beck (and with original music by Jurgen Beck,

Spring in the Ozarks 2021

Adventure Rider Radio Interview:

Rider Skills: Simple Cornering Methods for Adventure Motorcycles

Motorcycle Men Interview:

Episode 271 – A Conversation with Bill Dragoo

Adventure Rider Radio Interview:

Rider Skills: Power Slides and Skid Stops – When Less Traction is Better

Watch DART Tips at the Virtual Overland Expo!

Virtual DART Tips

ADVMoto Live:
ADVMoto Live #4

Adventure Rider Radio Interview:
Bill Dragoo: Driven for Adventure

Motorcycle Memories: Bill Dragoo’s Overlanding Adventures:

Big Bend Overlanding Expedition January 2020:

YouTube videos from training classes:

The Power of Fitness, prepping for the 2010 GS Trophy:

BMW Rear Tire Change Video:

Newspaper article and video for Bill Dragoo before GS Trophy Competition in SA:

Interview With Romane Steppe at 2010 International BMW Rally

Starting Diesel truck with Braille motorcycle battery:

Interview with Volkmar Drubbage. I Not sure I have his name right yet, but he is an amazing BMW Aficionado.

Inerview with BMW’s Lawrence Kuykendall

Where’s Iain, a hilarious video spoof where GS Trophy members Bill Dragoo and Shannon Markle hunt for their third partner, Iain Glynn:

Prepping for GS Challenge in California:

Bill Dragoo takes a bullet in Bolivia:

The Master, The Wolfman and the Chauffeur

Introducing Icon equipped Tacoma:

Icon Suspension equipped Tacoma in a desert canyon:

Adventure Riding Clinic, April 20-21, 2015:

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