2015 Adventure/Dual Sport Rider Training Class, April 20-21, 2015

Adventure/Dual Sport Rider Training Class, Lexington, Oklahoma
April 20-21, 2015

Dispel the myth that your bike is too big.

For those who missed it, I am offering an expanded version of last year’s off road riding clinic at Sundog in Lexington http://www.sundogtrails.com/

Our focus will be to help aspiring adventure riders learn to manage heavy dual sport motorcycles over rough terrain safely and efficiently. This is not a race class. We will focus on skills that will help you get where you are going off pavement and look good in the process.

If you find yourself hesitating to follow the gang through deep sand, up steep, rutted hills, or despise turning around on that narrow trail when the leader misses a turn, This class is for you.

If you pray you won’t have a flat or hope when you do that someone else knows how to fix it, This class is for you.

If you would like to throw a sleeping bag on your bike and explore but don’t have the confidence to make it happen, This class is for you.

If you default to dragging your feet when the going gets rough, This class is for you!

This class is geared toward GS and KTM Adventure class motorcycles, 650CC and up, however smaller machines are welcome. We find that entry level riders who have an interest in improving their skills do well on 250CC machines such as the Super Sherpa, TTR & XT 225 and 250.

Skill training will include but not be limited to:

Balance and control
Proper body position
Proper use of brakes where traction is marginal
Skid turns
Obstacle Crossing
Tight turns
Hill Fail Turnaround
Trailside Emergency Including Flat Repair (time permitting)
Negotiating Deep Sand
Sand Extraction
Group Ride Trail Etiquette
Riding Gear Selection (What works and what to avoid)

This will be an action packed two days, plus a meet and greet at my shop Sunday evening prior to the actual class. Don’t miss it!

$225.00 plus a $10.00 park fee covers the class and drinks on site.

Contact Bill Dragoo for more information:
405 830-6630

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