Customer Reviews

“An Excellent Value!”

We survey every client and use the feedback to assure we continually improve. And, we consistently receive the highest possible satisfaction scores. Here are a few recent feedback comments:

October 2020 class:
– I came into the class knowing that I needed some instruction, but not realizing how much I had to learn. Bill and his son, Ben, are great, and patient instructors who helped me open the door to developing into a much better rider. Even the first exercise of riding and turning on wet grass helped me over come a fear, of well, riding and turning on wet grass. Great class, great instruction, great day. The class I took was a condensed version of Level 1+2, but that didn’t matter because I still learned a tremendous amount. Will definitely be taking the full 1+2 class in the future, as well as Level 3. Highly recommend it to anyone, even highly skilled riders.
– I am SO pumped! I am an experienced rider, but not on heavy bikes off-road. This course and all the great instructors gave me the confidence I needed to start my adventures.
– I was very impressed by the quality and scope of the class.
– Bill and his team are excellent at instruction as well as encouragement!
– The building blocks for adventure riding that will remain useful for ever.
– I came away a better rider. I have rode my entire life. I still learned something each day and made what I did know better. I like the direct contact with instructors, they kept pushing each rider to be better. The instructors did not draw a line in the sand for all, they drew the line for each rider to push them. I liked the instruction, the exercise and then discussion was great.
– (Liked) Everything!…the exercises, the immediate feedback and positive attitude of all the instructors. . . . I’m an experienced rider with over 300,000 miles on bikes. I rode some non-competitive motocross years ago and have ridden an adventure bike on dirt roads, but riding a 560 lb. bike slowly on rough terrain, requiring finesse, was something I wasn’t sure I was up for at my age (67). But this class showed me I could do everything asked of me (although not every time or with the greatest of flair). Now I have confidence riding my GS1200 Rallye in places, until now, I only dreamed of.
– Cost-to-Value ratio is most excellent! Great instructions, helpful advice on corrections, all coaches and instructors very approachable and great input from them. Never felt rushed to move on to the next exercise.
– Very challenging. Totally new concepts for riding.
– The class provides the essential skills that one needs for adventure riding with no fluff at all. All of the content is 100% applicable to real life situations.

September 2020 class:

– Very in-depth, very patient and cordial.

– Extremely humbling and eye opening to the amount of skill and precise movements/techniques for riding efficiently and safely.

– Very challenging with achievable results
– Class was fantastic. Instruction was easy to grasp and coaches were very supportive and really cared for riders’ progression.
– Solid explanations, excellent demos, perfect feedback on exercises.
– (Liked) The interaction with instructors and students, and real world conditions.
– I really liked putting all of the training together in the after class ride on the second day. A lot of situations arose that when I applied proper technique, the results were phenomenal.
– (Liked) The Training and support from the Coaches. Bill and his team really impacted my riding mentality and skill level with their instruction and explanations of each skill set.
– It was my first time on dirt of any kind and it was a total blast. Completely humbling and quite honestly, it didn’t all come together until the off-camber exercise with the turns after the exercise. All of the sudden I felt as if I was in control of the motorcycle instead of the other way around. I enjoyed the feeling of all of the learned skills suddenly working together.
– Having a large group of engaging instructors was amazing. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging.
August 2020 class:
– Amazing teacher – Bill and Ben. Learnt a lot and grew as a person. Much thankful for it all.
– (Liked) step by step instructions. I am pleasantly surprised how much improvement can be achieved in two days of training.
– Very practical oriented and amazing learning experience