Customer Reviews

Five Stars!

We survey every client and use the feedback to assure we continually improve. And, we consistently receive the highest possible satisfaction scores.

Here are client comments from March 2021 classes:

Levels 1-2 (Basic/Intermediate)

– Tomorrow we are heading out for 5 days on the NBDR. I am excited and only a bit nervous because of this class. I am confident that my class experience has provided me the skills to handle the trail and, more importantly, to have fun. The instructors were amazing. They were supportive, encouraging and helped me to push my boundaries. Thank you so much!

– My only regret is that I took so long to take your course! Well, not my only one. Now I have to tell the Mrs. I “need” to buy a GS to go with my 701 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed the training and the instructors, and felt as though I learned a tremendous amount and also conquered some fears (especially about how to fail properly on a hill). Thank you and I look forward to Level 3!

– It is obvious that you guys do not simply rest on your successes, but that you keep pushing to improve both the curriculum and the venues. I appreciate that.

– Great program; infinitely practical for adventure riding. It forces one to attempt skills that one might be hesitant to explore without expert assistance and encouragement.

– You guys Rock (and sand)!! My second time to take the class and the instruction, instructors, location, service, communication, photography, etc was top notch. I’ll recommend your classes to anyone I know that has a desire to ride offroad. Thank you for the opportunity to participate and I’ll see you again.

– I will recommend this course to any and all riders I can get to listen. My confidence and skill levels are a direct result of the training.

– My biggest regret is that I didn’t take these classes right when I bought my first adventure bike…I’d be so much further ahead in skill than I am now reading and watching videos. Outstanding mix of explanations, practice and feedback. Really opened my eyes to my limited mastery of fundamentals at slow speed. Speed can hide a lot of technical weakness. I’ll be back again and again!

– I’ve nothing but laudatory words for this class. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, spills and mud slides notwithstanding. The enthusiasm behind and quality of teaching were quite evident. Thanks for this not to be missed opportunity.

– Amazing!!! I learned so much and cannot wait to try my new skills on a BDR or The Continental Divide Trail. This class in a must! Excellent instructors.

Level 3 (Advanced – Rocks and Sand)

– I had a total of 7 miles on my TW. I was starting from square one. I had never stood on my pegs! Despite being probably the least experienced in the class, I always felt respected, supported and welcomed – by the staff and the other class members. By the end of the two days, I was standing comfortably; I had conquered Quadzilla; I had fallen in the mud; and I had laughed a lot. Thank you for opening a whole new adventure world to me!

– I can not say enough good things about this class, I had quite a bit of experience in riding rocks and some experience in deep sand on mostly smaller bikes but this class made me feel so much more confident and really made me refine my technique. Zeke pushed me to keep making it more challenging by slowing down, really think about my lines, dance around on the bike, and basically master the machine. I still have many areas of improvement but I cannot wait to challenge myself on my upcoming rides using the techniques I learned. Before I would kind of dread the rocky climbs and would power through and hope everything went well, I now look forward to changing how I approach the technical terrains. Thank you so much!

– In that there are not any further courses to take, I’ll commence planning to join DART on one of the overland trips that are available. Our time always seem to pass too quickly and I very much value the friendships that we are able to share with Bill, Susan, Jake, Ben, Zeke, Chris, Charlie and Todd.

Shop Day

– I thought Shop Day was very helpful.  We touched on a few key things I was nervous about and it reminded me I need to slow down and think about what I’m doing.  “Assess the situation” is great advice on all levels. I think I walked away with a little more confidence I could get myself out of jam, but must have the right tools on the bike.

– For me, hearing the battle stories of what went wrong and how you got yourself out of it is a great part of the learning process and something that sticks with you. 

– Shop day was a total winner for me. The task I set out for myself was fairly simple but I had a list of questions that Chris Young, Ben, Jake, and Zeke were able to answer very capably.

– Shop Day was awesome. As I mentioned at the beginning of the class, I was looking to have a better understanding of my TW and be able to handle some of the maintenance. Mission accomplished! It was also wonderful to spend time together and be able to ask questions of the many experts.