“An Excellent Value!”

We survey every client and use the feedback to assure we continually improve. And, we consistently receive the highest possible satisfaction scores. Here are a few recent feedback comments:

Amazing clear instruction. I feel much more confident on my bike!!

It was great! Curriculum was perfect for me and flowed well. The assistant coaches and scouts were very helpful! Top notch crew!!

October 2017 Missouri Clinic

Friendly and approachable, right level of challenge… never felt like I was in danger but definitely pushed further with each exercise, learned a TON and I feel 1000% more comfortable on my bike now

September 2017 Custom Clinic

Everything I went in wanting to learn, Bill covered it in his curriculum. Being able to ask questions and talk at lunch cleared up a lot of question marks for me as well.

July 2017 Custom Clinic

The only way I can think of giving “better” value would be to give everyone a souvenir sack of $100 bills. Seriously though, I looked all over the country for something that would give me what I was looking for at a cost I could afford. You guys are head and shoulders ahead of your competition in this area.

Bill is one of the best teachers I have come across. Not just in comparison to other motorcycle skills teachers, but ALL teachers. He is patient. His explanations and encouragement were always right on. The other folks on the team are of similar quality. I don’t know how many times I heard words of encouragement from Zeke, Dave, Tobin, Todd, Josh and the rest.

Friendly, professional staff that encouraged me to push my limits. Instruction was excellent with a great selection of exercises.

I learned a ton of skills to help me in the future, I would have hurt myself if I tried many of the things on day 2 without the control exercises and coaching. Having multiple coaches was great. Photos are fantastic!

Pace. Location. Instruction. Support. The real winner though is the PEOPLE. The whole team is totally AWESOME!

June 2017 Oklahoma Clinic

It was very apparent that tons of time and energy had gone into the development of this clinic. I never felt confused or found myself questioning why we were working on the skills presented or their pertinence to real world application. I very much appreciated the seamlessness with which Bill, Josh, etc worked together. Their obvious respect and companionship was something that I think helped the rest of us feel a little bit more comfortable in some truly uncomfortable/scary situations.

April 2017 Washington Clinic (Women’s)

Not only are the exercises built on a progression to each other, but the explanations to the overall skills can be understood but also relatable.

Fun! Clear instruction! Built on skills! I improved a lot! I have more finesse and control of my bike.

Bill does a great job explaining the skills and why they are important. The building blocks are super important and well executed. Josh is awesome. He is very easy to be around and a great person to have on the team. He went above and beyond in helping with anything that was needed. I was very impressed with the commitment that Daniel had. As a volunteer, I think he was just as committed to his job as anyone else. He really did his best to be there for people.

April 2017 Washington Clinic (Coed)

11 out of 10! I came here with a goal in mind to explore my personal and bike’s performance envelopes and now have a better understanding, giving me a ton more confidence to ride more difficult terrain.

No matter the level of expertise, everyone was challenged appropriately.

Starting off Sunday at your home was perfect! It brought everyone together early with a sense of we are a team here, we are going to learn a lot, we will have fun. Your coaches obviously work with you not for you, and they were excellent. I know you have full faith in them as did I. I did not feel the need to search you out with any questions or concerns I had as Zeke, Josh and Tobin always there. You should be proud! Having your friends and neighbors at the meet and greet was nice too! It felt like all of us were there to talk motorcycles, gear, share some stories and start building some friendships.

It’s abundantly clear that you, Bill and your staff want the best training for each rider. There’s a true enthusiasm by everyone there to teach the techniques. I went from rote performance of the described events to the “light bulb” moments of fully understanding why I’m doing something. Key example, the bike “under tension” I was simply doing it as instructed, but when I needed to tighten up a turn to make sure I could turn inside of where Susan was, it simply clicked and I was able to turn well inside of where she was standing. I continued using the technique during the rest of the course, which again proved very useful during slow, technical sections of the trail ride. Also, when I had questions, it didn’t matter who I asked. Every person in your staff had very good advice. I may have been one of the stronger students in the group and I expected less attention times, yet it always seemed like I had at least one set of eyes on me. Bill, to me, it’s clear that you are a great instructor, understanding the different skill levels and learning behaviors of people. You’ve done an equally special job having Josh and Tobin understand these same concepts.

March 2017 Oklahoma Clinic