Adventure Motorcycle Magazine website (article by Alex Marsh):

“Making the Easy Things Hard”

Tall & Proud – OutdoorX4 Jeep Special Edition Issue 4 – Bill Dragoo

Ride Texas: DART TIPS Moto Training

Spring 2020
The Art of Off-Camber Riding on Loose Terrain

Winter 2019
The Loose Hill Start: Brownies, Rock and Roll, and Dancing with the Girl What Brung Ya

Fall 2019
What It’s All About: “Booty Position” and the Hokey Pokey . . . or Counterbalanced Turns Made Easy

Summer 2019
The Tap and Go: The Pointy End of Adventure Bike Training

Spring 2019
“Homegrown” and “Peg Weight Steering Demystified”

RoadRunner Magazine (web site) 12/31/2019
DART: Advanced Adventure Rider Training

ADVPulse: Tested: Touratech’s New Zega Evo Pannier System

Latest OutdoorX4 articles:

CBI Offroad Review, OutdoorX4, Issue 35
CBI Article – OutdoorX4 Issue 35

sPOD Review, OutdoorX4, Issue 35
sPod Article – OutdoorX4 Issue 35

Adventure on 4 Wheels: 4Runner GS, A Truck Worthy of the Name, OutdoorX4, Issue 34
4Runner article – OutdoorX4 Issue 34

OzTent Review, OutdoorX4, Issue 34
OzTent Field Review – OutdoorX4 Issue 34“Built for Adventure: 2011 Toyota Tacoma GS

Long Term Review,” OutdoorX4, Issue 32
Tacoma GS – OutdoorX4 Issue 32


Motorcycle Consumer News

Read “Wet and Wild,” Art Treff’s account of his experience with DART at 2018 Overland Expo East, here: MCN1903-DART

ADVPulse: Skidplate Skirmish!

Read Bill’s comparison of Touratech and Black Dog Cycle Works’ skid plates here:
ADVPulse/Skid Plate Skirmish

Other Product Reviews:

DECKED Drawer System:
DECKED Review – OutdoorX4 Issue 29

AltRider Brake Pedal:
ADVMoto May 2016 – AltRider Brakes Review – Bill Dragoo

Wolfman Overland Duffle:
ADVMoto July 2016 – Wolfman Overland Duffle Review – Bill Dragoo

Sargent Saddle:
ADVMoto July 2016 – Sargent Seat Review – Bill Dragoo

Project Bike – BMWR1200GS:
ADVMoto July 2016 – Battle Ready – Bill Dragoo

BMW MOA Web Site

Adventure Times Two by Adam and Jen Landa:

Expedition Portal

See our Alu-Box review here:


Dragoo School! ADVMoto, September/October 2018
ADVMoto Sep 2018 – Feature – PHS – DART

Brace for Impact: CTI Knee Brace Review. ADVMoto, July/August 2018
ADVMoto Jul 2018 – Ossure Brace Review – Bill Dragoo (1)

Battle Tested GS, ADVMoto, November/December 2017

Josh Jewell: Balancing Life on Two Wheels, ADVMoto, March/April 2017
ADVMoto Mar 2017 – Balancing Life on Two Wheels – Bill Dragoo


Tuffy Console Review, OutdoorX4, Issue 27
Tuffy Console Review – OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue 27 – Bill Dragoo

Cover Story — Dream Weavers, OutdoorX4, Issue 20
Dream Weavers – OutdoorX4 Issue 20

Eezi Awn Field Reviews, OutdoorX4, Issue 20
Eezi Awn Field Reviews – OutdoorX4 Issue 20

Adventure Riding and the Venerable KLR, OutdoorX4, Issue 15

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, OutdoorX4, Issue 10
Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route – OutdoorX4 Issue 10

Going Wild: The Oklahoma Today Camping Guide
Camping Guide

ADVMoto articles

Battle Ready: Project Bike R1200GS, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Battle Ready – Bill Dragoo

Redline Your Life, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Redline Your Life – Bill Dragoo

Sometimes It Takes A Village, March/April 2016
ADVMoto Mar 2016 – Takes a Village – Bill Dragoo

Product Review: Sargent Saddle, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Sargent Seat Review – Bill Dragoo

Product Review: Wolfman Overland Duffle, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Wolfman Overland Duffle Review – Bill Dragoo

Product Review: AltRider Brake Pedal, May/June 2016
ADVMoto May 2016 – AltRider Brakes Review – Bill Dragoo

Sidetracked (column)

Why We Stand

The Kerfuffle
Sidetracked_The Kerfuffle_RoadRUNNER Apr18

The J Factor
Sidetracked_J Factor_RoadRUNNER Oct 17_Dragoo

Rain on an Old Tin Roof
Sidetracked-Rain on an Old Tin Roof_RoadRUNNER Feb18

Blind Spots
Sidetracked_RoadRUNNER Aug17_Dragoo

Turkey Scout

Honey, We Need to Talk
Sidetraced_RoadRUNNER Apr17_Dragoo

My Brother’s Keeper
Sidetracked_RoadRUNNER Magazine_Dragoo

Fly and Ride

Thirdendary Roads

Stealerships and the DIY Guy
DragooSidetracked_Stealerships_RoadRUNNER Aug16_Dragoo

Pack Mentality/Gear: “I Was Only Going a Mile.”
DragooSidetracked_Pack Mentality_Gear_RoadRUNNER Jun16_

Pack Mentality/Group Riding
Sidetracked_Group Riding_Apr16_

Kickstands Up at Eight
DragooSidetracked_Kickstands Up_RoadRUNNER_Feb16_

If It Ain’t Broke, Give It Time
DragooSidetracked_If it Ain’t Broke_RoadRUNNER_Dec15_Dragoo

Adventure Riding: What’s It To You?
Sidetracked_Adventure Riding_RoadRUNNER Oct15_

A Leap of Faith, Outrider Journal, Summer 2011

Expedition Portal
Ironclad Glove review:

Wolfman Luggage Blog: Dry Gear on the Death Road

The Passion Behind the Power: KLX 250 performance upgrade:

Oklahoma Today, January/February 2015

Oklahoma Today, September/October 2014

Oklahoma Today, July/August 2013 Visions of Comancheria

Oklahoma Today, May/June 2014, The Air Up There

Overland Journal
The Land of Butch and Sundance: Bolivia by Dual-Sport, Overland Journal (cover story), Summer 2013
Overland Journal, Winter 2014, Beemers and Black Diamonds
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Adventure Motorcycle/Dual Sport News, March 2009
It’s All About the Ride, Adventure Motorcycle/Dual Sport News, May 2009
2009_May It’s All About the Ride
The Challenge of the Ride, Adventure Motorcycle/Dual Sport News, September 2009
2009_Sep The Challenge of the Ride
The Missing Link, ADVMoto, November/December 2011
2011_Nov The Missing Link_2
Mending Fences, ADVMoto, July/August 2012
Are You a Real Adventure Rider? ADVMoto, January/February 2012
2012_Jan Are You a Real Adventure Rider
Musings of a Wandering Soul, ADVMoto, March/April 2012
2012_Mar Musings of a Wandering Soul Ara Gureghian
Rider Profile: Jimmy Lewis, ADVMoto, May/June 2013
Bill Dragoo – Jimmy Lewis
Squidflipper (Bill’s Garage), Ride Oklahoma Magazine, September 2007
The Idiot Light (Bill’s Garage), Ride Oklahoma Magazine, September 2008
Trouble in Terlingua, Ride Oklahoma Magazine, March 2007
Alley Cat, Ride Oklahoma Magazine, March 2007
A Knight’s Tale – Endurocross at the Lazy E, Ride Oklahoma Magazine, December 2007
Hallett, Harley, and the Bumble Bees! Ride Oklahoma Magazine, August 2007
Oklahoma Adventure Trail:

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