New on ADVPulse: Skidplate Skirmish!

Read Bill’s comparison of Touratech and Black Dog Cycle Works’ skid plates here:
ADVPulse/Skid Plate Skirmish

BMW MOA Web Site

Adventure Times Two by Adam and Jen Landa:

Expedition Portal

See our Alu-Box review here:

New in ADVMoto

Dragoo School! ADVMoto, September/October 2018
ADVMoto Sep 2018 – Feature – PHS – DART

Brace for Impact: CTI Knee Brace Review. ADVMoto, July/August 2018
ADVMoto Jul 2018 – Ossure Brace Review – Bill Dragoo (1)

Battle Tested GS, ADVMoto, November/December 2017

Josh Jewell: Balancing Life on Two Wheels, ADVMoto, March/April 2017
ADVMoto Mar 2017 – Balancing Life on Two Wheels – Bill Dragoo

Latest OutdoorX4 articles

Tuffy Console Review, OutdoorX4, Issue 27
Tuffy Console Review – OutdoorX4 Magazine Issue 27 – Bill Dragoo

Cover Story — Dream Weavers, OutdoorX4, Issue 20
Dream Weavers – OutdoorX4 Issue 20

Eezi Awn Field Reviews, OutdoorX4, Issue 20
Eezi Awn Field Reviews – OutdoorX4 Issue 20

Adventure Riding and the Venerable KLR, OutdoorX4, Issue 15

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, OutdoorX4, Issue 10
Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route – OutdoorX4 Issue 10

Going Wild: The Oklahoma Today Camping Guide
Camping Guide

ADVMoto articles

Battle Ready: Project Bike R1200GS, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Battle Ready – Bill Dragoo

Redline Your Life, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Redline Your Life – Bill Dragoo

Sometimes It Takes A Village, March/April 2016
ADVMoto Mar 2016 – Takes a Village – Bill Dragoo

Product Review: Sargent Saddle, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Sargent Seat Review – Bill Dragoo

Product Review: Wolfman Overland Duffle, July/August 2016
ADVMoto July 2016 – Wolfman Overland Duffle Review – Bill Dragoo

Product Review: AltRider Brake Pedal, May/June 2016
ADVMoto May 2016 – AltRider Brakes Review – Bill Dragoo

Sidetracked (column)

Why We Stand

The Kerfuffle
Sidetracked_The Kerfuffle_RoadRUNNER Apr18

The J Factor
Sidetracked_J Factor_RoadRUNNER Oct 17_Dragoo

Rain on an Old Tin Roof
Sidetracked-Rain on an Old Tin Roof_RoadRUNNER Feb18

Blind Spots
Sidetracked_RoadRUNNER Aug17_Dragoo

Turkey Scout

Honey, We Need to Talk
Sidetraced_RoadRUNNER Apr17_Dragoo

My Brother’s Keeper
Sidetracked_RoadRUNNER Magazine_Dragoo

Fly and Ride

Thirdendary Roads

Stealerships and the DIY Guy
DragooSidetracked_Stealerships_RoadRUNNER Aug16_Dragoo

Pack Mentality/Gear: “I Was Only Going a Mile.”
DragooSidetracked_Pack Mentality_Gear_RoadRUNNER Jun16_

Pack Mentality/Group Riding
Sidetracked_Group Riding_Apr16_

Kickstands Up at Eight
DragooSidetracked_Kickstands Up_RoadRUNNER_Feb16_

If It Ain’t Broke, Give It Time
DragooSidetracked_If it Ain’t Broke_RoadRUNNER_Dec15_Dragoo

Adventure Riding: What’s It To You?
Sidetracked_Adventure Riding_RoadRUNNER Oct15_

A Leap of Faith, Outrider Journal, Summer 2011

Expedition Portal
Ironclad Glove review:

Wolfman Luggage Blog: Dry Gear on the Death Road

The Passion Behind the Power: KLX 250 performance upgrade:

Oklahoma Today, January/February 2015

Oklahoma Today, September/October 2014

Oklahoma Today, July/August 2013 Visions of Comancheria

Oklahoma Today, May/June 2014, The Air Up There

Overland Journal
The Land of Butch and Sundance: Bolivia by Dual-Sport, Overland Journal (cover story), Summer 2013
Overland Journal, Winter 2014, Beemers and Black Diamonds
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Adventure Motorcycle/Dual Sport News, March 2009
It’s All About the Ride, Adventure Motorcycle/Dual Sport News, May 2009
2009_May It’s All About the Ride
The Challenge of the Ride, Adventure Motorcycle/Dual Sport News, September 2009
2009_Sep The Challenge of the Ride
The Missing Link, ADVMoto, November/December 2011
2011_Nov The Missing Link_2
Mending Fences, ADVMoto, July/August 2012
Are You a Real Adventure Rider? ADVMoto, January/February 2012
2012_Jan Are You a Real Adventure Rider
Musings of a Wandering Soul, ADVMoto, March/April 2012
2012_Mar Musings of a Wandering Soul Ara Gureghian
Rider Profile: Jimmy Lewis, ADVMoto, May/June 2013
Bill Dragoo – Jimmy Lewis
The Idiot Light (Bill’s Garage), Ride Oklahoma Magazine, September 2008
Trouble in Terlingua, Ride Oklahoma Magazine, March 2007
Alley Cat, Ride Oklahoma Magazine, March 2007
A Knight’s Tale – Endurocross at the Lazy E, Ride Oklahoma Magazine, December 2007
Hallett, Harley, and the Bumble Bees! Ride Oklahoma Magazine, August 2007
Oklahoma Adventure Trail:

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