Adventure Riding Clinic, April 20-21

It was a perfect pair of days in April, with a few spitting raindrops doused dry by buckets of sunshine. It was also a time to remember for a dozen riders who traveled to Oklahoma from as far away as Little Rock, Arkansas, Grand Prairie, Texas and even Minneapolis, Minnesota for two days of adventure rider training. These men came, some with Oil-head GSAs, trail tried KLR650s, a brand new KLX 250s, and a couple of shiny new Water Boxers, all hoping to polish their skills on what are often considered giants among the dual sport motorcycle kingdom. Everyone was challenged and enlightened as they buffed some of the new off of those showroom shiny works of art and discovered a priceless masterpiece beneath the gloss. They discovered their own potential and that of a large but capable motorcycle in it’s natural environment. Kudos to the dirty dozen who turned their backs on their reservations about tackling rough terrain and committed time and again, over some 17 comprehensive and increasingly difficult exercises, to laying it all on the line, giving all  they had, saying NO MORE to old habits, and heading down new trails, standing tall with eyes forward towards adventures unknown.

Thanks to our supporters, AC Spencer of BMW & Euro Tek of OKC, Lee Haney and Jake Dragoo of AJAX Kawasaki, Eric Hougen of Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage, & Carl Parker of ADV MOTO Magazine and of course, Greg Snow and his crew at Sundog Trails for providing such an amazing venue. Also, thanks to my son Jake and Josh Jewell for their help on Monday, Chris Johnson for demonstrating his expert trials skills adapted to a heavy dual sport machine and last but not least, my incredible wife, Susan for her never ending support and fabulous photography.


“The bruises are blooming, but the smile out shines them. As I sit here listening to the thunder, I’m delighted we had two beautiful days [and no flies or mosquitoes, along the Canadian River? How did you do that?]. Rain and mud would have been ok, too, they are valid parts of such an exercise.

My skills came up several notches, and my comfort zone several more. Great class, great bunch of people. Thanks.

Bruce Parker Norman, Oklahoma

“It was a wonderful class!!! Really enjoyed it. It makes work seam so much more boring… Now I’m stuck inside wishing I was back on my bike.”

Steven Marshall, Moore, Oklahoma

“That was really awesome, guys. It really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. I am certainly not afraid of dropping my bike anymore. Though I am discovering bruises in places I didn’t notice earlier. Special thanks to those who helped me rescue my bike and offer encouragement after failed attempts :)”

Aaron Tygart, Grand Prairie, Texas

“Bill you sure teach a great course!  It really helped me get over some ‘mental problems’ I’ve had regarding taking bigger bikes nastier places.”

Chris Johnson, Lawton, Ok.

“I had been thinking of selling my GSA.  Not now, after seeing the beauty of the design and the functionality of the bike I’m thinking it’s a keeper.  I’m not overly afraid of falling with the bike anymore.  Thank you so much, awesome course!”
Aaron Morris, Ardmore, Ok
“Bill, Thanks for the great class. A great group of guys willing to learn and try new things. I know speaking for myself it has greatly improved my ability to handle the big bike in some pretty nasty terrain. I really admire all the guys throwing the fear aside and just doing it. Great school, great time, great experience.”
Jay Thomas, Norman, Ok.
There was electricity in the air...
There was electricity in the air…My son, Jake, in his element.
Thanks, Greg Snow and the crew at Sundog for a beautiful facility!
Thanks, Greg Snow and the crew at Sundog for a beautiful facility!
Everyone pitched in to help...
Everyone pitched in to help… Aaron Moore of Ardmore, managing his GSA on a hill fail exercise.
Stress…If feels great to be back to the bottom.
We witnessed courage beyond belief...
We witnessed courage beyond belief…Aaron Tygart of Plano, Texas demonstrating grit…and eating a little in the process.
Sand...a nemesis defeated!
Sand…a nemesis defeated! Steven Marshall of Moore, Oklahoma, fresh out of Brown’s Driving School’s Motorcycle Safety Course and already playing in the dirt with the big boys.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction...sometimes desirable...
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction…sometimes desirable…Getting unstuck is all about thrust.
We witnessed demos...
We witnessed demos…Bill Dragoo demonstrates a log crossing.
Commitment…Bruce Parker rides it to the ground before giving up on his Triumph Tiger XC. Chris and Aaron struggle to figure out which way to run!
We witnessed amazing growth and success...
We witnessed amazing growth and success…Jay Thomas said he never would have considered trying to cross a log with his new Water Boxer before taking this clinic.
As the shine wore off,  so did the fear!
As the shine wore off, so did the fear! Tires, we don’t need no stinkin’ knobbie tires! Says Randy  Gilbert as he rips across the sand on his GSA
Victory! Every rider faced some demons and came out the winner.

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