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  1. Hi folks, I am not sure if I am beginner or intermediate, just saw there are both levels of classes, can you advise?

    1. Hello, Lisa! It’s great to hear from you. You’re in luck! We are running both Levels 1 and 2 during this training. Just register for the June 1-3 class and we’ll take it from there. I leave in a couple of hours for Colombia but one of us will try to get back with you as quickly as possible to confirm receipt.

  2. My husband and I are interested in attending and have a couple of ADV bikes. Is this women only?

    1. Hi, The Jewell’s and thanks for touching base. I hope you can join us in Washington this June. My friends with SheADV are finalizing locations for the venue. That will determine the best accomodations for hotels. All registrants will be notified as soon as that has been determined. Your tuition will include training, lunch both days and range fees. Feel free to contact me by phone if you like, to discuss any details of interest to you. 405 830-6630 You may also text. And my email is bill1dragoo@gmail.com billdragoo.com for more info on DART

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