Fall 2022 DART Training Dates Added!

Our Oklahoma training sessions for Spring 2022 have come to a close and now we are headed on the road for the summer, but we just set some local (Norman, Oklahoma) training dates for fall. Those will be Levels 1-2, September 9-10; Shop Day, September 11; and Level 3, September 12-13. For more information and to register, go to billdragoo.com.


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  1. I was hoping to participate in Hisega Level Up in late July but have a conflict that looks to be clearing. I checked the registration site and found conflicting information. In one area it comes up Sold Out but not in another. I should know soon if my conflict is gone. If Sold Out do you have a stand by list to fill any cancellations.

    I completed your Level 1-2 course in 2017 on a BMW G650X but now on a Husky 701E.

    Thank you,

    Dick Harkey

      1. Will know soon if my conflict clears. If you have one, put me on the wait/sub list for Level Up.
        Thank you!

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