Adventure Times Two

Two-up training is part of DART’s ongoing commitment to provide quality off-road training at a fair price to all who wish to learn. Here’s a story from students Adam and Jen Landa about their experience:
Our on-demand custom classes typically involve from two to six students. We will evaluate your needs, fill in the gaps and help you rise to new levels of adventure riding skill. Whether your interest is tackling some of the toughest trails with some hard riding buddies or to be a safer and more confident chauffeur for your trusting partner, give us a call at 405.830.6630. Also check our our upcoming classes in 2019 across the U.S. and in South America:
March 1-10, 2019, Colombia with Elephant Moto
March 25-26, 2019, Levels 1 and 2, Norman, Oklahoma
Contact Bill Dragoo at or go to for more information.

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